Friday, 5 October 2018

Block Puzzle - Legend Puzzle

Block Puzzle - Legend Puzzle Game is a Bunch of 4 simple yet addictive Puzzle Games.

1. Drag Mode
         Drag the Jewels into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new jewel pieces. Game will be over if there is no space remaining for any jewel blocks given below the board. The more you will clear, the higher score you will obtain. Choose the best place for each block depending on their shapes. Don't forget to keep the jewels from     filling up the screen in this Interesting puzzle game.       

2. Drop Mode
    In this game There will be Horizontal Line of Jewels coming from the top of the board. You just have to drop the line to bottom. You can swipe the positions of all jewels. so swipe the positions of all jewels and try to get minimum 3 blocks of same color come together. If three blocks of same     colour comes to gather then they will be blasted..

3. Touch & Clear Mode
    In this game You Need to Touch more than 1 jewels with the same color to Remove the jewels as much as you can! Achieve the Goal score before  all the jewels are removed from the board. The less Jewels are left the More Bonus score you get!

4. Hexagon Mode
    In this game You Need to Drag and put the Hexagon Jewels to the best place. And try to fill the Vertical or Horizontal Line so that can disappear and make more space for upcoming Hexagon jewels. When there is no space available in the board for remaining Hexagon Blocks, The Game is over.

So Guys Try this Very Addictive And Time killer Game.

•Ideal for all ages
•Play easily and quickly.
•Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay
•Enjoy the game for anytime, anywhere and a short time.
•You can play offline in anytime.
•Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects.
•brain puzzle game with simple rule

-Put the block in the appropriate position
-Try not to leave blanks
-Big blocks puzzle are below
-try to Complete multiple lines at once.

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Coloring Book - Color Your World

Coloring Book - Color Your World is the best app for coloring book, it contains lots of different kind of drawings pages to color. Its time to color your World,and this game contains lots of colors so that user can color the drawing as per his choice..User can color the drawing page with multiple kinds of colors such as pencil colors, sketch pen colors, water colors, and color bucket.. after making colorful painting you can save your painting in your Gallery.. so guys, try this game and have a pleasure to play with lots of colors.

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